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. Taking One For The Team

If you're like the crew here at Team Rockwood, you love watching the Olympics. In fact, some of you might have even done like we have in the past and actually made a competition out of who could watch the most Olympic coverage on TV. For that, you are truly a sicko, but you're our kind of sicko. It's for you that this site was created.

A particularly disturbing trend of the last several Olympic games has been for the broadcasting network to shun actual event coverage to instead run "Up Close and Personal" vignettes on the athletes themselves. Now, while we don't have anything personal against said athletes, quite frankly, we'd rather see them competing than see what they had for breakfast or what their psychological motivation was for tossing that javelin.

So, in an attempt to stir viewer outrage and insure that even if this stupid practice happens this year, it won't happen in the future, we at Team Rockwood will be making the ultimate sacrifice for you, our viewers, by forcing ourselves to watch all of NBC's prime time Olympic coverage and documenting the amount of air time devoted to the following three categories of our choosing:

  1. Actual events
  2. Advertising
  3. Meaningless "Up Close and Personal" fluff
We know, we know... we're potentially exposing ourselves to hours and hours of bad, BAD television, but if our suffering brightens your Olympic viewing even slightly, then it was all... well, maybe it still won't be worth it, but we're willing to take that chance. Join us, won't you? And while you're at it, spread the word and tell a friend about our cause.

Rules of the Olympic Watch | Daily Results | Mailbag
Tell a Friend About the Olympic Watch


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