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Have you always wanted to let Team Rockwood know just what you were thinking? Do you wonder why the panels of the strip are laid out horizontally instead of vertically? Or do you have sensitive documents that will bring down the government? In any case, we want to know! Just fill out your name and e-mail address, then let 'er rip! No question or comment is too bizarre for Team Rockwood to take a stab at, and if we can get enough mail coming in, this page will be updated weekly! (Unlike the old mailbag page, which got updated about four times in two years.)

So consider this an experiment in web interactivity. Or, consider it a way to artificially inflate our hit count. Either way, just write in!

Update! (May 2, 2015)

Because I'm tired of trying to defeat an army of spambots (which keep creating "security incidents" which shut the entire site down), I'm disabling this email form for now. You can still reach me at the Official Rockwoodcomic Fan Club on Facebook. In fact, that's probably more reliable anyway. Maybe in the future if I ever get back to this I might do all email that way.



            Updated on November 20, 2012

November 14, 2012,

I'm flabbergasted and gobsmacked! Team Rockwood appears to be back!

Keep up the good work!

I'm sure you'll have lots of fodder in the aftermath of Tuesday, November 6.





Probably so, James, but we'll probably hold back on that for a while. After all, we just got back. We don't want to make ourselves so sick that we go away again.



November 16, 2012,

And now Leia is one of the Disney Princesses.. Hmmmm.. and the only one I can think of that has shot at people with a (laser) pistol.

--Brian #3




Well, Mulan did shoot some arrows, #3, but we get your point. More proactive Disney Princesses can only be a good thing to overcome the previous stereotypes.



November 18, 2012,

5 for 5? "Gasp" is an understatement. I can't remember the last time this happened. Like Disney buying the Star Wars franchise, this is truly a sign of the upcoming Mayan apocalyse.

--Bad Panda




You got us, Panda! We're only planning on doing a few more weeks of strips. We thought it would get us in the good graces of whomever decides who gets to survive the apocalypse. And if there isn't one... well, at least we kept busy.


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