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Wednesday, May 29, 2002
More lickable goodness...

Thursday, May 30, 2002
Then he punched out Michael Dell...

Friday, May 31, 2002
You have to keep scrolling left and right...

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May 29, 2002: 250 miles above the AtAT compound... Jack Miller: Katie? Anya's asleep, so I'm going to get AtAT back in gear! Okay, Jack, a month off for baby watching... time to ditch the fatigue and get back in the groove! Monkeyboy! VEVO! RDF! *yawn* Framistan... Amelio... zzzzz... Katie, the Goddess of Minutia: Jack! Jack!! You're going to wake the baby! May 30, 2002: Jack Miller: Skip, I stopped writing AtAT for a month to concentrate on baby stuff. Today I've been trying to start up again, but I can't seem to get inspired. I'm wondering if I've lost my desire to do this. But hey... I'm being rude. What have you done today? Skip: Well, Dude, this morning I bought Disney, which in turn bought Apple, and I ordered them to port OS X to Intel! Jack Miller: Urge to type... rising! Skip: Then at lunch, Gates called asking me for legal advice and I told him to 'Stick it!' May 31, 2002: Jack Miller: It's been great, Will, but the Goddess, Goddess-in-Training, and I have to get back to Earth and the important things in life! Will: Mm-hmm. Cinema display? Jack Miller: How can people even function with less than a 20-inch screen?!