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2011 Calendar


How will you know what day it is when 2011 comes? The 2011 Rockwood Calendar exists for the sole purpose of avoiding such confusion. It's printed on the finest quality cardstock our local printer has to offer, and its quality spiral-binding will result in you being the envy of all of your friends who are saddled with cheap, flimsy, stapled calendars they got from their insurance agents.

Each calendar comes signed by the author, so when you're looking to sell these on eBay in the future, you can claim it as a collector's item. Order fast and, if the US Postal Service and Christmas miracles coincide, you might even get it before Christmas day.

And at the now-discounted price of $10, it's a steal! We're not printing any more, so once the few we have left are gone, you'll never have another chance to get one. Did we mention free shipping? FREE SHIPPING! So don't hesistate! Click on the button below and order one today!

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