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Monday, July 22, 2002
They're a slave for her...

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
What...you'd rather see NKOTB?

Friday, July 26, 2002
Back in my day we danced through five feet of snow...both ways...

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July 22, 2002: Skip: Dude, Lancd Bass of *NSYNC is flying into space with the Russians! Al: Proving they lost the Cold War. Skip: Boy bands have lots of disposable income. We need to target them as customers! Al: You want boy bands to come up here? Skip: Well, I want their money. So what kind of ads would work on them? Al: How about, 'Maybe Britney is hiding from you losers up here?' July 24, 2002: Mitch: I convinced a boy band to come up here, just like Skip wanted. Al: Great. Who'd you get? Backstreet Boys? O-Town? Menudo: Donde esta mi M&Ms verde? Al: Menudo?! Dana: Ooo! Did you get Ricky Martin, too? July 26, 2002: Al: Mitch, you got '80s Menudo. These guys' kids could be in Menudo, now! Mitch: And your point is...? Al: We wanted boy bands! Bands... with boys... who would be careless with all their extra money! Mitch: What's the difference? Menudo: Hey! Do we get the senior discount on the buffet? Mitch: I suppose you'll want me to take the A.A.R.P. discount off their rooms, too.