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Monday, July 1, 2002
And funnier than ever...

Wednesday, July 3, 2002
Or three or four times...

Friday, July 5, 2002
Or maybe it's Colorado...

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July 1, 2002: Al: We can't set off fireworks in space, so for Independence Day we're pushing things out of the airlock and watching them burn up in the atmosphere! Dana: anything good? Al: Theree go 20 VHS copies of the last season of 'Politically Incorrect!' Dana: So... no. Al: Hey, that's the brightest that show has been in years! July 3, 2002: Will: What are you burning up in the atmosphere today, Al? Al: An effigy of Osama bin Laden! It's not burning fast enough. Mitch: Khan, tag it a couple of times with the laser cannon! July 5, 2002: Will: What are you looking at, Al? Al: The fourth of July is over, but there's still a huge fireworks show going on down there! Will: That's Arizona, burning. Al: Oh. So... no finale, then?