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   Monday, June 15, 1998
Cathy gets it on!

   Wednesday, June 17, 1998
Cathy: The Untold Story...

   Friday, June 19, 1998
Cathy grows a spine...

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June 15, 1998: Mitch: Dana! Skip's trying to get a woman drunk!! Dana: Oh. I'm shocked. Shocked. And I care why? Mitch: You don't understand! We have to stop him!! Dana: Why? Who is this sloshed bimbo? Cathy: I think I'm losing hold of my inhibitions! Skip: Yeah? Well that's quite a hold you have of my leg! June 17, 1998: Al: Skip, you can't date, 'Cathy!' Skip: Why not, dude? She wants me! Al: She's the biggest loser this side of Charlie Brown! She's whiny, neurotic, desperate... oh... I see. Cathy: Skippy, I'm having problems with this bikini top. Care to join me in the dressing room? June 19, 1998: Will: Cathy, you dumped Skip? Cathy: Yep. I didn't realize I was such a loser until I went out with him. Well, no more! I've slimmed down and dumped that whiny attitude! Meet the leaner, meaner Cathy! Charlene: Cathy, could you-- AAAAA! (Cathy hits Charlene) Will: You knocked Charlene out cold! Cathy: Well, isn't it about time somebody did?