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     The Dysfunctional Family Circus: Part 6
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Monday, July 21, 2003
If it was 3d it could be The Family Sphere...

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
The act of throwing someone out of a window...

Friday, July 25, 2003
I see dead people--not!

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July 21, 2003: While Brian takes a vacation in Canada seven-year-old Billy steps in as guest artist. Billy: Daddy loves his job. Bil: Another cartoon in a circle? @#$% I need another drink! Billy: He's always trying to stretch creatively. Bil: I could draw another shape. The Family Square? Triangle?... Billy: But his editor always gets the final say. Editor: The Family Pentagram? I don't think so, Bil. Bil: But Satan is big with the kids this year! July 23, 2003: While Brian visits the Great White North, eh, seven-year-old Billy subs as guest artist. Billy: Daddy gives Dolly hard words to say so she'll mispronounce them and he can write them down. He calls them "Dolly-isms." Dolly: Defenestrate? Eleventy-six! Altilatititude! Evelation! FOOOM!!! (explosion...airplane crashes) Billy: It's not so funny now that she's an air traffic controller, is it, Bil?! Bil: My God... what have I done? July 25, 2003: As Brian enjoys Canadian hospitality, seven-year-old Billy fills in as Rockwood's guest artist. Billy: Grandma keeps trying to talk to Grandad. John Edward's toady: Welcome to the John Edwards Show. How can we fleece you today? John Edwards: Okay, I'm seeing someone... he says..."who misses Grandma very much?" Grandma: Oh! That could be him! John Edwards: Then he says "not me... not me... not me..." Grandma: Yeah... that's him all right... @#$% jerk!!