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Monday, April 23, 2007
I'll B.C.ing you...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Be afraid.  Be very afraid...

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April 23, 2007: While Brian takes an Italian vacation, seven-year-old Billy fills in as guest artist. Billy: Daddy works very hard at his job. Bil: Okay, I've drawn the circle, now what? Billy: It's tough to come up with new ideas every day. Bil: Billy says something stupid... no... Dolly says something stupid... no... Billy: He says it's important to look everywhere for inspiration. Bil: Hey! I'll bet Johnny Hart had lots of unused caveman ideas! April 25, 2007: While Brian enjoys the Italian countryside, seven-year-old Billy takes over as guest artist. Billy: I've created a matter transporter. Observe! (Billy's dotted-line goes into the matter transporter from 'The Fly' and zaps across the room). Dolly: That's amazing! Billy: Now I'll show you how the fly eats!