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Monday, January 27, 2003
Prediction: overtime and sudden pirate death!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
It's on the climb...

Friday, January 31, 2003
As in, it's more fair if you pay instead of me...

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January 27, 2003: Mitch: (quietly) Arr. Al: Yawn! Arr. Will: Is the Super Bowl still boring? Mitch: Aye! Even the ads be scurvy! The whole thing should have been scuttled an hour ago! Ahoy! Check out that 'Alias' ad, matey! Al: Shiver me timbers! That'll raise the jolly roger! January 29, 2003: Kepler: What are you watching, Dana? Dana: The State of the Union address. Kepler: The... Union of the State...? Dana: Well, close enough. Kepler: Wait! I know this... Duran Duran, right? Dana: Noooo... that would be 'snake', as in 'Union of the Snake'. January 31, 2003: Al: W-2s again. I hate tax season. But who am I to complain? You must take a beating, eh Skip? Skip: Oh, I don't pay taxes, dude! Al: But... you're 'the rich.' You're a trillionaire! Skip: Yep. With a trillion in a bank account that collects no interest, which means no income, which means no taxes! Al: I get hit up for 20 percent! Skip: Is that all? They should really raise that so you have to pay 'your fair share.'