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Monday, April 2, 2001
I'm afraid I can't do that...

Wednesday, April 4, 2001
...and do they abhor a vacuum?

Friday, April 6, 2001
...they demand an apology for this strip...

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April 2, 2001: Kepler (writing on his Palm Pilot PDA): Sunspot activity, although unusually strong, does not appear to have affected any of the station's electronics. HAL: I like working with you humans, but sometimes I wonder if I should allow you to jeopardize our mission. Kepler: Except, perhaps, for the ship's main computer. HAL: Kepler, I believe the AE-35 unit is going bad. You should really go outside and look into it. April 4, 2001: Kepler: Will, I think excess solar activity is making the main computer homicidal! Will: *sigh* I guarantee you that's not true. HAL: In a way, humans are like tiny viruses infecting the otherwise pure body of my space station! Will: Just the same, I'll go switch all the airlocks to 'manual.' HAL: How long can humans hold their breath? April 6, 2001: Skip: Of course the main computer is homicidal, dude! It used to belong to the C.I.A.! Will: Doesn't that make you nervous? Skip: Nah. It's bluffing! It wouldn't really just anyone on this station! HAL: China's getting uppity. Should I drop a nuke on them? Skip: People on the planet, however...