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   Monday, April 17, 2000
Looks like life's been rough at the Grotto...

   Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Now THAT'S a toddlin' town!

   Friday, April 21, 2000
And THEIR combined ages might be equal to his...

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April 17, 2000: Sandy and Mandy: Hi! We're Sand and Mandy, Playboy's May covergirl twins! Al: Of course you are! Sandy and Mandy: Would you like to meet our boyfriend? Al: Uh... sure? Hugh Hefner (looking like a corpse): I'm Hugh Hefner! Al: Aauughh! The dead are rising! April 19, 2000: Al: So, Hef, why brave the sun? Did the official Playboy coffin get too dank? Hugh Hefner: Nope! I'm hip again! They're naming a street after me in Chicago! Al: What is it? "Old Pervo Drive?" Hugh Hefner: "Pervo?" I prefer the term "lecher!" Al: Whatever. Could you cover you face while I'm trying to eat? April 21, 2000: Al: Hef, don't you think it's a little wrong to be dating a couple of twenty-something twins? I mean, how old are you? 60? 70? Dead? Hugh Hefner: Hmm... jealous? Al: Intensely! Hugh Hefner: Just wait! Next month I'm dating triplets!