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Monday, May 17, 2010
By comparison, 'Man In Black' gets a movie franchise.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
The electromagnetic force is strong in him...

Friday, May 21, 2010
The real Heroes Versus Villains...

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May 17, 2010: Smoke Monster, Smokey, Man In Black: So this is it. Two more episodes and I'm out of a job! I mean, look at me! How often doe roles like "smoke monster" come up in Hollywood? My post-Lost career is kind of limited. Sigh. It's the hurling people up against trees until they're dead that I'll miss the most. Mitch: Check, please! May 19, 2010: Kepler: Who are you? Walt: I'm Walt. Kepler: Walt who? Walt: First season of Lost Walt. You know... Walt! Walt! Oh, they loved me when I was cute and had magic powers, but as soon as I hit puberty they wrote me off because they didn't know how to handle me. Kepler: This sounds disturbingly Anakin-ish. Walt: One day I will be the greatest Other ever! May 21, 2010: Jack Shephard: Finally! Behind this bush is the biggest secret of the island. Once we go through here we'll know exactly what's been going on! Gasp! Oh no! Not that! Jeff Probst: Jack, you've been voted off the island. Jack Shephard (to Hugo Hurley): So much fo the "Live Together, Die Alone" Alliance.