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Monday, March 19, 2001
'Could I use your fire extinguisher, comrade'...

Wednesday, March 21, 2001
Maybe Taco Bell could give everyone in Russia a taco...

Friday, March 23, 2001
Bidding closes in 20 minutes...

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March 19, 2001: Will: The Russians are deorbiting Mir this week. Skip: Finally! That heap is the slum of outer space! Will: Isn't that a little harsh? Skip: And they kept asking for things! "Could we borrow some water, comrade? Could you spare an oxygen tank, comrade?" Will: Skip... Skip: It got so bad that I'd pretend no one was here when they called, dude! But I think they were on to me... March 21, 2001: Will: Has Mir reeentered yet, Kepler? Kepler: Not yet, Will. But they're working on it. Will: What are they doing? Kepler: A cosmonaut is outside Mir kicking it with his boot. Will: That doesn't sound very effective. Kepler: Neither does feeding an entire country with turnips, but the Russians tried that once, too. March 23, 2001: Mitch: So... that's it for Mir in space! Al: Yep! Now they just have to pick it out of the Pacific! Mitch: I wonder what will happen to the pieces? Skip: Dudes! I just bought Mir's core section on E-Bay! Al: What for? Skip: I'm going to ship it up here and stick it in the lobby to attract tourists!