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Monday, June 17, 2002
Sharon?  Where the @#$% are my shoes?

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
The Real Stupid World...

Friday, June 21, 2002
We'll fix that in post...

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June 17, 2002: Mitch: What's with the cameras, Skip? Skip: It's MTV, dude! Theyre going to put me on a new show! Mitch: Like "The Osbournes?" Skip: Better! Since I haven't spent decades drug-frying my brain, I can actually be functional! Mitch: What fun is that? Skip: Here, watch as I say something intelligible! June 19, 2002: MTV Producer Weasel: Skip, I'm MTV's producer for "The Sterling." We're concerned about your lack of cursing. Skip: What's the problem? You'd just bleep it all anyway. MTV Producer Weasel: Yes, but bleeping curse words gives the show its "edge." It's what keeps it "real." Skip: The just bleep non-curse words, Dude. Who would ever know? MTV Producer Weasel: Hey! I'm trying to capture reality, here! Now, curse @#$%! June 21, 2002: MTV's "The Sterling." Al: Hi, Skip! How are you today? Skip: Fine, Dude. Al: It must be exciting having your own show! Skip: Nah. After a while, you forget the cameras are even there. Al: So, want to watch some MTV? Skip: No way, Dude. MTV sucks! MTV Producer Weasel: Cut!