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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Why work when you can patent troll?

Thursday, August 1, 2013
How To Stay A Trillionaire: Lesson 1

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July 30, 2013: Mitch: Burp. Kepler: That will be $100. Mitch: For belching? Kepler: Yes. I purchased the patent for 'Oral evacuation of intestinal gas.' Mitch: Let me show you what I think about your 'patent.' Kepler: Careful! I also own the patent for 'extended third phalange symbols of displeasure.' August 1, 2013: Kepler: I've made $500 off of Mitch by patent trolling everything he does. Skip: Really? How? Kepler: I found this iPad app that lists obscure patents to enforce. Skip: Really? Like 'Method for Enforcing Patents Using an iPad App'? Kepler: Heh. That's funny! There actually is- really? Skip: That'll be 500 bucks, Dude.