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Monday, January 3, 2011
He could have also sold 58 billion 2011 Rockwood Calendars...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Think of how much better his life would have been if, instead of sending questionable text messages, he would have sent 2011 Rockwood Calendars...

Friday, January 7, 2011
If you were friends with Rockwoodcomic on Facebook, you'd already know about the new 2011 Rockwood Calendars.  Did we mention we had calendars for sale?


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January 3, 2011: Skip: This year I resolve to make another trillion dollars! Will: How could you even think that's possible? Skip: Why not, Dude? I did it last year! Will: What? How?! Skip: I sold 500 billion copies of Grit Magazine! January 5, 2011: Brett Favre: This year I resolve to finally retire. Dana: Maybe you should resolve to stop practicing self-photography. Brett Farve: Hmm... that's better! Mind if I use that? Dana: Not at all! Brett Favre: I'll just hold off on that retirement resolution. Dana: Wait a minute... January 7, 2011: Kepler: This year I resolve to spend less time on Facebook. Al: Uh-huh. I see you already posted that as your status. Kepler: Okay. Starting... now! Al: You just "liked" two of the comments it generated. Kepler: I've got the whole year. I'll ease into "less time" gradually, okay?