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Monday, January 26, 2004
144 hours of continuous coverage...

Wednesday, January 28, 2004
$76,000 per second of entertainment...

Friday, January 30, 2004
On the other hand, if Jerri wants to get naked...

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January 26, 2004: Dana: Hi Will! Thanks for coming to my Super Bowl XXXVIII party! Will: You're welcome. You do know that the Super Bowl doesnt' actually start for another six days, right? Mitch: Hurry up! The pre-game show starts in five minutes! Dana: Let the hype begin! January 28, 2004: Dana: I find the Super Bowl to be more enjoyable when I know what's going on, so I've made everone a list of the major players. Will: These are the commercials. Dana: Duh! What else do people watch? January 30, 2004: Mitch: Okay, I'm going for team number three! Al: Three?! What football game are you watching? Mitch: No, no, no... All-Star Survivor! Dana: I'm going for whatever team Richard doesn't get naked on.