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Monday, September 20, 2010
Or, you could watch one of those other five movies...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Looking good, Billy Ray!  Feeling good, Louis!

Friday, September 24, 2010
His meetings with Castro were deep cover...

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September 20, 2010: Al: Okay, the first "Wall Street" movie was good, but that was over twenty years ago! It's a movie about corporate greed. Who do they think is lining up for the sequel? Of course. Skip: Check it out, Dude! My Gordon Gecko action figure with the retractable cell phone! September 22, 2010: Al: Skip, you won the theater. Why are you waiting in line for "Wall Street?" Skip: I lost a bet, Dude. Warren Buffett bet me I couldn't turn you from a slacker employee into a successful businessman. The loser had to wait here. Al: You gambled my life over a movie ticket?! Skip: That wasn't the original bet, but I decided I didn't want to risk losing a dollar. September 24, 2010: Warren Buffett: Is! Skip: Is not! Will: Skip! What are you and Warren Buffett arguing about? Skip: He says that Oliver Stone is a pinko commie. I say that Oliver Stone pretends to be a pinko commie so he can get Hollywood to fund his movies. Will: You think Oliver Stone is a closet capitalist? Skip: Oh no. He's a pinko. I just like seeing that vein bulge out of Warren's forehead.