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Monday, March 18, 2002
Failure is not an option...

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
And what could be more exciting than that?...

Friday, March 22, 2002
That would be the history of the universe...

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March 18, 2002: Al: Hey, Kepler! Exciting news! The new average color of the universe is beige! Kepler: What?! That can't be! Al: But yet it is... Kepler: But how? They had reems of data! Thousands of calculations! Al: I guess they forgot to carry the one. Kepler: Hmph! Gene Kranz would never have let this happen! March 20, 2002: Kepler: I can't believe the universe is beige instead of turquoise-green! Will: What's wrong with beige? Kperler: The universe was hip, like "Miami Vice," but now it's like "Columbo!" Will: Beige is solid... dependable... everything you'd want from the universe! Kepler: I mean... beige?! Blah! Will: Beige! That's the color of resposibility! March 22, 2002: Mitch: So... the universe is beige? Kepler: Yep. Mitch: And... what will that knowledge get me? Kepler: Uh... a green "pie" in "Trivial Pursuit?" Mitch: Great. What I need is something that will get me the "yellow."