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Monday, March 12, 2007
If by 'this close' you mean 'not at all close'...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Sometimes they're gone by the Elite Eight ...

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March 12, 2007: Will: Here's my bracket. Al: Will, you don't have any upsets there. Those picks are all top seeds. Will: I know. I figure the NCAA knows more than me, so I trust their picks. Al: How do you expect to win playing like that? Will: Like I did last year? Al: Hey, my "all-number-seven-final-four" strategy was this close to working. March 14, 2007: Mitch: for the first round, I pick the team that comes first alphabetically. For the secound, I pick the team geographically closest to the arena they're playing in. In the third round, I pick the team with the longest name. In the fourth round, I pick the team with the shortest name. Will: How about the Final Four? Mitch: Doesn't matter. I never have any teams left by then.