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Monday, November 18, 2002
Though that's expecting a lot...

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
But they will hire people that can't talk...

Friday, November 22, 2002
Ha. Ha.  Look.  That's one big dog...

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November 18, 2002: Al: Let me have the comics! Mitch: Why? What's up? Al: "Doonesbury" has a two week lead time, so this is the first week Garry Trudeau has a chance to be bitter about the Republican rout! Mitch: Wait... if "Doonesbury" leans to the left, and the left is now the minority... it'll be subversive again! Al: Great. Maybe it'll finally be funny again, too. November 20, 2002: Al: Hee, hee! Garry Trudeau is so angry a the Republican landslide that he can't eve write a storyline this week. He's just ranting about the evils of the Right using hi "NPR" characters, Mark and his gay Republican co-host. Dana: That is so unbelieveable. Al: A gay Republican? Dana: "NPR" hiring a conservative. November 22, 2002: Al: You see, Will, "Doonesbury"-- Will: Al, I know that Trudeau can be a butthead, but if he makes you that mad, why not stop reading? There are plenty of other worthwhile strips on the comics page. Al: Ha. Ha. Look. That's one fat cat. Will: I didn't say they were all worthwhile.