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Monday, February 19, 2001
Airlocks and the law do not mix...

Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Get out your pencils...

Friday, February 23, 2001
I'm sure he's just miserable...

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February 19, 2001: Will: Normally during Engineers Week, we spend a lot of time and effort being cruel to lawyers. Mitch: But it occurs to us that since we're 250 miles above the Earth in the world's greatest engineering marvel, we should put that pettiness asie and welcome lawyers into our midst! Will (pointing out of window at lawyer floating in space): Look! Here comes one now! February 21, 2001: E-Week 2001 continues with Green Fluids Lab story problems... 1. In the center of a spinning space station, you can easily drink your weight (i.e., 0!), so Bob decides to drink 3% of his mass in alcohol! If his mass is 50 kg, and one liter of 180 proof alcohol is 1 kg, how much must he drink? 2. Bob has forgotten his velcro shoes and now floats 2.5m above and 3.0m away from the space toilet. At what angle must Bob vomit to hit the space commode? 3. Bob, drunk and a poor shot, discovers his vile bile can dissolve the floor. The hull is 14cm thick. His vomit eats 0.3cm of floor per second. If Bob can clean up 2 liters per minute of his 1.5 liters of expelled bile, can he save himself form an "Alien"-like hull breach? February 23, 2001: Engineers Week 2001 concludes... Mitch: Look, Al! We're hundreds of miles above Earth in the greatest testament to engineers and engineering ever built! What could be better? Al: Hugh Hefner is a journalist sleeping with seven playmates. Mitch: Well... yeah... but is he really happy? Al: Oh no. He really wanted to learn thermodynamics!