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Monday, February 26, 2001
Pigs in Space...

Wednesday, February 28, 2001
$400,000 for a room?  No problem...

Friday, March 2, 2001
And it just makes him so sad...

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February 26, 2001: Mitch: We're finally getting a guest? Who is it, Will? Will: I don't know, Mitch... Skip just told me it was a celebrity that wanted to dodge the press for a while. Mitch: Great googely moogely! Bill Clinton: Yeee-haa!! You guys need a president up here? February 28, 2001: Bill Clinton: It's the weirdest thing. For eight years, the republicans couldn't wait to get rid of me! But now that I'm gone, they're keeping me in the spotlight! Will: Uh-huh. Here's your bill, sir. Bill Clinton: Would you take a third-party Swiss financier's check? Will: Uh... no. Bill Clinton: How about a presidential pardon? I have three extra! March 2, 2001: Bill Clinton: Say it one more time, Al! Al: No. Bill Clinton: Pleeeeasse? Al: I don't want to. Bill Clinton: C'mon! For me? Al: *sigh* Hillary is still on Earth. Bill Clinton: This is, like, the best place ever!