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Monday, February 18, 2002
Not to mention the downhill-crashing ambulance chasers...

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
Show your work...

Friday, February 22, 2002
Blast from the past...

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February 18, 2002: How engineers influence the Olympics... Look at that air, Bob! You know, it's thanks to lightweight, composite board engineering that he can achieve such an altitude! How lawyers influence the Olympics... Yes, we know you were better, but the French judge cut a deal! Engineers' Week 2002! February 20, 2002: Olympic Engineering Story Problems... 1. A group of Canadians has buried a French judge up to her neck in snow. She loses one-tenth of a degree of body heat every 90 seconds. Hypothermia sets in at a body temperature of 95 degrees. A shoveler could dig her out in 25 minutes. Does he have time to take a 30 minute lunch break first? 2. Bob wants to see skeleton at 9:00, but a scalped ticket is $100, higher than the $60 he wants to spend. Knowing that prices drop $5 every 10 minutes, and that it's 7:30 now, will Bob make it inside before the event starts? 3. In a pairs figure skating death spiral, a 45 kg female is being spun once every two seconds. Assuming her center of gravity is 2 m from the axis, and that a force of over 900 newtons is required to make a 'sport,' is figure skating a sport? February 22, 2002: The engineer's social life: Man, I'd love to go, but I've got about four tons of homework due tomorrow, sorry. The liberal arts major's social life: What? Party? Where" Cool! Homework? Nah! Just history, I'll do it later! The engineer's job: Hey Bob! I'm going to go buy a new Mercedes. Wanna come along? Well, I was going to go golfing, but now that you mention it, I could use a new 500 SL! The liberal arts major's job: What? McParty? Where? McCoo!! Let me see if I can get the McNight off!