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Monday, February 19, 2007
No?  How about the Flowbee...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Show your work!...

Friday, February 23, 2007
After all, Jack would probably shoot most of them...

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February 19, 2007: Engineers Week 2007. Mitch: Throughout the years, engineeers have designed and built cars, houses, computers... almost every product we use day-to-day. Who know what amazing things engineers will come up with next? Kepler: I've discovered the cure for baldness: this laser comb!! Mitch: Admittedly, not everything is earth-shaking. February 21, 2007: Engineers Week 2007 story problems. Problem 1: Tim wants an iPhone, but needs to save some money to get one when they're released 100 days from now. Starting with one dollar today, every 10 days he'll add to his savings account the amount necessary to double his previous total. On the 101st day, will Tim have saved enough to buy the $600 iPhone? How long or short will he be? Problem 2: Engrossed in the iPhone's web browser, engineer Tim surfs while walking. Unfortunately, not only do technical documents take forever to download, but they also distract him from watching where he walks. Will the 75 KB PDF he's downloading a 9 KB/sec finish in time for Tim to look up and avoid being crushed by the bus? Problem 3: Just 3 months after getting his new iPhone, Apple will release the newer, cooler iPhone 2.0 that will make Tim's version obsolete. In his anger, how far will Time be abelt to throw his iPhone 1.0 given the following data? February 23, 2007: Engineers Week 2007. Will: Radio? Kepler: Invented by engineers! Will: Television? Kepler: Engineers! Will: Computers? Kepler: Engineers! Will: The internet? Kepler: Engineers! Will: Spam email programs? Kepler: Uh... engineers being tortured by Jack Bauer's enemies. Will: That has to be a pretty small subset.