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Monday, February 20, 2012
Or, as Scott Adams calls it, 'society's last invention'...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Don't forget to show your work!

Friday, February 24, 2012
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February 20, 2012: Engineers Week 2012: They created the television. They created video games. The even created Facebook. Engineers: responsible for more work-avoidance than any other profession. Engineer: Let's get cracking on this 'holodeck' idea of yours! February 22, 2012: Engineers Week Story Problems: 1. TO TRY TO REVIVE INTEREST IN THE U.S. SPACE PROGRAM, NASA PUTS JOHN GLENN IN A LIFE-SIZED ANGRY BIRDS SIMULATOR AND LAUNCHES HIM AT CONGRESSMEN TRYING TO CUT NASA'S BUDGET. GIVEN THE VELOCITY AND DISTANCE SHOWN, AT WHAT ANGLE MUST "FRIENDSHIP 2012" BE LAUNCHED TO DESTROY THESE CONGRESSIONAL PIGS? 2. Turns out that neutrinos aren't faster than light after all. Even if they had been, it might not have mattered much. The debunked story was that neutrinos were 60 nanoseconds faster than light in a 454 mile trip. If you could travel at that neutrino's speed, how much sooner would you arrive at Alpha Centauri, 4.37 light years away? February 24, 2012: Engineers: What my friends think I do. What my mom thinks I do. Mom: Can you help me program this VCR? What I think I do. Scotty: I'm already at full power, Captain! I can't give 'er no more! What society thinks I do. Train engineer: Woo woo! What I really do. Marketing guy: The board likes it, but could we make these knobs go to 11?