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Monday, March 21, 2011
Even the straight seeding is 10 of 16...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
But they WILL take credit for 'I Can't Drive 55'...

Friday, March 25, 2011
OMG would be worth a lot of points on a triple word score...


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March 21, 2011: Al: Have you heard this 'Friday' song? Ha ha! It's terrible! Rebecca Black: Actually, I'm Rebecca Black. That's my song. Al: Oh. Uh... Rebecca Black: Yesterday my song was number 19 on iTunes top 100 downloads. What did you accomplish this week? Al: Uh... I correctly picked nine of the Sweet 16. Rebecca Black: Well, maybe you could write a song called 'I'm statistically below average!' March 23, 2011: Kepler: Sammy Hagar claims that he was visited by aliens in the '70s. Nix: Is he trying to blame us for Montrose, again? Kepler: Uh... no. He also said they mind-melded with him via a wireless connection. Nix: That's a lie. We wired him up but good! Kepler: Well... that explains the hair. Nix: We're not taking the blame for Give To Live, either. March 25, 2011: Mitch: The Oxford English dictionary is now officially designating FYI, OMG, and LOL as words. Dana: I won't count them as words nless I can use them in Words With Friends. Mitch: You're saying an iPhone app trumps the dictionary? Dana: If Oxford can lower their standards, then I can lower mine.