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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
This atmospheric mixture is too nitrogen-y...

Friday, October 8, 2010
Not to mention the billion years of life before humans appeared...


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October 6, 2010: Kepler: Astronomers have discovered a planet 20 light years away in the Goldilocks Zone! Mitch: What does that mean? Al: That it's inhabited by bears. Kepler: No. That means it's not too far or too near its sun. It's just right. Al: Plus, the aliens all like porridge. Kepler: Can't you be serious? Al: Not when ET is trying to sleep in my bed. October 8, 2010: Kepler: I'm transmitting a message to the Earth-like planet, Gliese 581G. It'll take 20 years to get there. If they're human-like, that means they've had radio technology for the last hundred years of their million years on the planet, so the odds of me getting a return message 40 years from now are... Wow. That's a small number. KHAN: I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket. The odds are better.