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Monday, May 19, 2003
Buy now!  Buy now!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Buy! Buy! Buy!

Friday, May 23, 2003

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May 19, 2003: Mitch: I... must... have... it Al: Mitch, no! Mitch: Just one click and it's mine! Al: Stop! Will: What's going on? Al: Mitch has an iTunes Music Store addiction. Mitch: Ha! Ha! Ha! "Muskrat Love" is mine! May 21, 2003: Mitch: Skip, I need some rich guy advice. Skip: That's what I'm here for, dude! Mich: There's like, 200,000 songs on iTunes; if I can't control myself, it's gonna break me! How do you bedget yourself on something like that? Skip: Who says I do? Mitch: A 200,000 song playlist?! Eww! You even bought N*Sync!? May 23, 2003: Mitch: iTunes keeps forgetting my credit card information, so I have to keep reentering it, effectively changing my shop0ping from "one-click" to "twenty-click." It's driving me nuts! Will: Well, it is new software, so bugs like that are understandable. In fact, Apple probably released iTunes as Mac-only software so they can work out all the bugs before they release it for Windows. Mitch: Since when does Apple care about Windows users? Will: They don't care about the users. They care about the users money!