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Monday, July 7, 2008
Even more appalled than she was about 'Good Luck Chuck'...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Watch out or Buzz Aldrin will punch you...

Friday, July 11, 2008
Real or not won't stop most guys on the internet...


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July 7, 2008: Will: The Chinese government took a poster of a tiger, put it in a jungle, then took pictures of it and said it was an actual tiger just to boost tourism. Skip: That's just wrong, Dude! Even Jessica Alba here is appalled, aren't you? She says yes. July 9, 2008: Al: Jessica Alba is on board?! Will: No, Skip has a cardboard standee of her to make tourists think she's on board. Al: Maybe, or maybe he has a cardboard Jessica on board to provide a cover story for the real Jessica on board! The real question is where could he hide her? Will: I dunno, Sherlock. How about the studio where he faked the moon landing? July 11, 2008: Al (talking to Jessica Alba standee): I'm your biggest fan, Jessica. Dana: Al, you're hitting on her? She's not even real! Al: Just because you don't appreciate her talent doesn't mean she's fake! Don't listen to her, baby. She doesn't get how "real" you are. Dana: Maybe we could double date with this photo of Brad Pitt.