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Monday, April 30, 2001
You could play her favorite song, play it all night long...

Wednesday, May 2, 2001
Oh, I'm sorry...I meant 'P. Diddy'...

Friday, May 4, 2001
Take THAT Jerri...

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April 30, 2001: Jennifer Lopez: Hello? Mitch: Hi! Could I speak with Jennifer Lopez, please? Jennifer Lopez: Who is this? Mitch: Miss Lopez? My name is Mitch Ryder. I was calling about your song! Jennifer Lopez: My song? Mitch: You know, "even if you were broke my love don't cost a thing!" That fits me perfectly! Jennifer Lopez: How did you get this number?! Mitch: I'm thinking Friday night... dinner... dancing... May 2, 2001: Al: You got a date with Jennifer Lopez? How?! Mitch: Easy. I asked her. Al: That's it? Mitch: Yep! I figured I'm single, she's single... what have I got to lose? Al: But what will Puffy say? Mitch: I'm guessing something in his own words set to other people's music. May 4, 2001: Mitch, J-Lo just called. She's cancelling your date. Mitch: What? Why?! Al: She said that the generosity of Texans really surprised her and now she's smitten! Mitch: You don't mean-- Al: I'm afraid so. She's going out with Colby. Mitch: But he didn't even win!