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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
The survivors are products of late 20th-century genetic engineering...

Friday, December 9, 2011
And Celine Dion would be their thrash metal queen...

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December 7, 2011: Kepler: Did you hear about the new Earth-like exoplanet NASA discovered? It's called Kepler 22-B. Al: Catchy. Is there a 22-A? Maybe there was one, then it exploded, shifting the orbits of nearby planets, and when they turned into barren sand heaps, you know what the survivors would say? Kepler: What? Al: This is Kepler 22-A! December 9, 2011: Kepler: Scientists say that Kepler 22-B probably doesn't have any intersting aliens. Nix: They got that right. They are boring! Kepler: You've been there? Nix: Just once, but never again. I won't ever need that much sleep. Kepler: C'mon... how bad could they be? Nix: On Kepler 22-B, Kenny G would be the king of heavy metal.