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Monday, July 16, 2001
The RIAA screws you again...

Wednesday, July 18, 2001
The RIAA...we're 'eco-friendly!'...

Friday, July 20, 2001
Pop sells, but who's buying?...

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July 16, 2001: Mitch: Darn it, Al! I can't find anything on Napster anymore! Al: No need to, Mitch, because now there's MusicNet! Mitch: Golly! MusicNet? What's that? Al: The RIAA-approved online music service that offers most of Napster's usability with just a fraction of its library! Mitch: That's great!! Napster's huge library was always a problem for me! Al: Thankfully, MusicNet has limited choices for your convenience! July 18, 2001: Mitch: How does MusicNet work, Al? Al: Glad you asked, Mitch! For about the price of one CD per month, you get to download a bunch of songs... ...which MusicNet's proprietary software lets you listen to as much as you want, until you stop paying the monthly fee, at which point all of your downloaded music becomes unplayable! Mitch: So it's like buying a CD per month, then throwing it away! Al: Yes! But with the benefit of not actually adding to a landfill! July 20, 2001: Al: MusicNet is evil, Will! Will: I think you're just bitter because you can't download "N'Sync" songs for free anymore. Al: I told you that was an accident. I meant to get Megadeth! Will: Uh-huh. Were those Megadeth's dance steps I saw you practicing the other day?