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Monday, February 11, 2008
And who doesn't like watching her...er...that video...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Too bad Chuck Norris has never cried...

Friday, February 15, 2008
Can we make cartoons that mock the frontrunner?...


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February 11, 2008: Dana: Valentine's Day is this week, Al. Al: I know, and I'm in love! With Obama! Dana: Uh... are you feeling all right? Al: With Obama, everyone feels great! Dana: I think you watched that "Obama Girl" video one too many times. Al: Mmm! Obama even makes this kool-aid taste better! February 13, 2008: Dana: you're in love with Obama?! Al: You were right, Dana. Valentines' Day is great when you're in love! Dana: That's not really what I had in-- Al: Did you know Obama's tears cure cancer? Dana: Isn't that a Chuck Norris joke? Al: And Obama is so sensitive, soon all cancer will be eliminated! February 15, 2008: Dana: Al, have you really thought through this Obama support? Al: Yes we can! Dana: Uh... repeating a catchphrase doesn't count as reasoning. Al: Yes we can! Dana: Can a lot of Obama supporters seem sort of cultish? Al: Yes we can!