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Monday, January 29, 2001
But only every 45 minutes...

Wednesday, January 31, 2001
Where DOES the moon go every 28 days?

Friday, February 2, 2001
And this one is almost as expensive as San Francisco...

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January 29, 2001: Mitch: Are we threr yet? I have to use the bathroom. Al: There's a zero-g toilet right back there. Mitch: The vacuum-action makes me nervous. Al: Well, let's just pull over , then! Look! There's Mir! Mitch: On second thought, vacuum-action doesn't sound so bad! Al: You sure? I hear they have oxygen this week! January 31, 2001: Mitch: Why is this taking so long? Al: Yeah! We're flying at 18,000 m.p.h.! Kepler: True, but you can't fly straight there... orbital dynamics use complex mathematial formulas to synchronize the velocity of the approaching craft to that of the orbiting satellite, because an incorrect speed would put them in different orbits! (pause) We launched at noon and the station's only visible at night. Mitch: Ahh! Al: Told ya! February 2, 2001: Skip: Look! There it is! Al: That's it? We're living there? It's not even finished! Skip: Well, it's a fixer-upper! Al: You spent half-a-trillion bucks on a "fixer-upper?!" Skip: Dude, real estate costs are all about location!