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Monday, November 10, 2003
Who doesn't want to inject themselves with toxins?

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
It's an old idea reborn...

Friday, November 14, 2003
Just pray there's no Matrix 4: The Quickening...

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November 10, 2003: Dana: You're sure you want tot do this? Al: I'm too young to be wrinkled. Botox me! Dana: How's that? Al: I still see lines. Dana: I think I should stop. Al: No! I want my face to be smooth! Dana: Fine. How about now? Al: Hmmm... that might have been too much. Dana: What? You're not "happy" with the results? November 12, 2003: Kepler: Will! I've invented the next form of human transportation! Will: Segway? Seen it. Kepler: Nooo... the Segway has so many moving parts that it's doomed to costly mechanical failure. My machine on the other hand, only has one wheel and no moving parts, so it's far superior to the Segway! Will: Uh-huh. So when can I see it? Kepler: Here comes the prototype now! (It's a B.C. wheel) Kepler: Isn't it great?! Will: Next you're going to tell me you've mad a rock that floats. November 14, 2003: Will: Why does the Matrix exist? Kepler: The questions is, does the Matrix exist? Dana: You know the answer to that question. Mitch: Only you could know the answer. Skip: Yes. When you're ready to hear it, the answer will become obvious. Al: Wait a minute! We waited six months for this?! This dialogue is awful! Who wrote this tripe? Wachowski Brother number 1: We did! We're the Wachowski Brothers! Wachowski Brother number two: Out script contains poignant thoughts about the very nature of reality! Al: I've got a poignant thought for you... Wachowski Brother number one: What if we're not ready to hear it?