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Monday, April 29, 2002
Snail-man, Snail-man, does whatever a snail can...

Wednesday, May 1, 2002
Faster than a speeding...uh...turtle...

Friday, May 3, 2002
Don't blink or you'll miss him...

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April 29, 2002: Will: What's wrong, Al? Al: I fell funny. I think one of Kepler's experimental radioactive snails infected me. Will: Wait. A snail bit you? Al: Well, no. But it left a trail of slime across the Cheetos I was eating. Will: Eww! You ate something covered with snail mucus?! Al: You expect me to waste Cheetos?! May 1, 2002: Mitch: Al! You can climb walls?! Al: Yes, it's just one of the many powers I have as "Sanil-Man." Mitch: Wow! What else can you do? Al: If you'll notie the floor, I leave a trail of slime wherever I go! Mitch: Oh... uh... well, at least you can climb walls. Al: True, but I've only moved six inches in the last hour. May 3, 2002: Al: sigh... The trials of Snail-Man are never-ending! Dana looks bored at Al watching TV. Dana: How is this different from what you do on any other day? Al: This is my action sequence.