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Monday, April 22, 2002
By repeating themselves? By repeating themselves!...

Wednesday, April 24, 2002
It gives new meaning to circle the bases...

Friday, April 26, 2002
Really, they're putting it in the sugar...

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April 22, 2002: Mitch: I'm going to watch "West Wing." Al: "West Wing?" Mitch: Yep. "West Wing?" Al: Why? Mitch: Why am i going to watch "West Wing?" Al: That's right. Why are you going to watch "West Wing?" Mitch: I can't believe you'd ask that. Al: Why can't you? Mitch: It has an 11.7 rating with an 18.0 share. It easily reduces complicated issues into one-minute political speeches. It even makes politicians seem exciting. Why not watching this show would make you morally inferior! Any other questions? Al: How do they fill up an hour of dialogue? April 24, 2002: Mitch throws a pitch. Will hits it. It sails over Mitch's head as Will and Al watch. Mitch keeps looking toward the outfield and Al looks back the other direction. Will: Hey... shouldn't someone be chasing that? Al: It'll come back around. April 26, 2002: Mitch: AAA!! Don't salt your food! Kepler: Why not? Mitch: Because it could be salt coated with anthrax!! Kepler: Where'd you hear that? Mitch: A friend of my friend sent me an email saying terrorists put anthrax in salt!! Kepler: Mitch, all email 'warnings' are hoaxes. Everybody knows that! Mitch: Still, just to be safe, take this 'Cipro.' Kepler: 'Cipro?' This is expensive! Where did you get the money? Mitch: Oh, I'm getting $1,000 from Bill Gates' email tracking program! Kepler: Please tell me you still have your kidneys.