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Monday, October 22, 2001
He's bin hidin'...

Wednesday, October 24, 2001
Just look for the guy near the rubble...

Friday, October 26, 2001
After all, why waste the trip?...

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October 22, 2001: Al: Say... we're equipped as an orbiting weapons platform, right? Will: Yeah. So? Al: So we could hunt down Osama Bin Laden from here! Will: There's a pair of binoculars next to the window. Go nuts. Al: Hmm... all turbans look alike from 250 miles up. October 24, 2001: Mitch: How'd the Bin Laden hunt going, Al? Al: Terrible! It's an impossible task! I'm trying to find one man in an area the size of Texas who could be in the open, in a cave... anywhere! I could look for months and not find a clue! Wanna give it a try? Mitch: Are you kidding? I can't even find my car in a parking lot. Al: I'd park near a light pole... I'd check there, but we already bombed their power... October 26, 2001: Al: Take that Osama! Mitch: Did you get him? Al: Nah... I only hit a rock. Mitch: You hit Iraq?! Are we attacking them, too? Al: No, no... I said... Enh! What the heck! Mitch: Saddam has a big car! Look for a big car!