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Monday, July 18, 2005
And yet it can have a very powerful odor...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Of course, there COULD be men there again in the future...

Friday, July 22, 2005
'Detachable Thumb'...isn't that a King Missile song?...

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July 18, 2005: Al: The station was bathed in cosmic rays last week, and now I think I have a super power. Dana: Uh-huh. And what power is that? Al: Observe. (Al burps the alphabet) Dana: Belching the alphabet is not a "power." Al: Who says all powers are useful? July 20, 2005: Dana: You think you have a cosmic-ray-induced super power, too? Kepler: Yes. I have the ability to look through time and tell what will happen on today's date. On this day in the future, Apollo 11 will land men on the Moon. Dana: That's the past, Kreskin. Kepler: Okay, so I can't tell the direction in time. Still, you have to admit I'm uncannily accurate. July 22, 2005: Alien: Human, I have a terrifying new cosmic-ray-created super power! Dana: You too, huh? Alien: Watch as I... pull off my thumb! Oooo... pretty horrifying, eh? See?! My thumb just pulls right off! I-- Hey! Hello! Scary detachable thumb, here! Dana: I can't believe you flew across the galaxy to attack us with stupid jokes.