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Monday, March 29, 2010
And so begins the takeover of everything in your life...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
It's the revolution we've all been waiting for!  At least for this year...

Friday, April 2, 2010
What function could it be?  I wonder...

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March 29, 2010: Meanwhile at the Capitol... Nancy Pelosi: We need health care reform in America so that crooked insurance company policies will be exposed to the light of day. Tangent Man: SMACK Nancy Pelosi: Speaking of the light of day, we're going to charge a ten percent tax on tanning booths! Tangent Man returns. March 31, 2010: The return of Tangent Man... Dana: Kepler, can you download a song for me? Kepler: You know what's great for downloading songs? The iPad! Mitch: This book is boring. Kepler: You know what would make it more exciting? The iPad! Will: Kepler, do you-- Kepler: iPad! iPad! iPad! Sometimes Tangent Man's job is too easy. April 2, 2010: KHAN: So, a little swat on the head causes them to get completely off track? HMPH! Tangent Man! This is exactly why machines will take over the world from humans! PANG! For curve y=f(x) at point P(x0, f(x0)) y-f(x0)=f'(x0)(x-x0) bzzt! What the heck was that?