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Monday, October 18, 2010
They're better sellers than the 'My parents went to Earth and all they bought me was this stupid t-shirt' shirts...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Oh, and that live forever thing...

Friday, October 22, 2010
Travel snobs are universal...


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October 18, 2010: Kepler: Look at this... UFOs spotted in China. UFOs spotted in New York. Is there going to be an invasion? Nix: Nah. It's just tourist season. Kepler: I never thought of Earth as a tourist destination. Nix: Which is exactly why you're not getting rich from these I Love Earth t-shirts. October 20, 2010: Kepler: So Earth is a tourist destination for UFOs? Nix: Oh yeah! Advanced civilizations eat you primitive cultures up! Kepler: We're not that primitive. Nix: Psh! You can't even download your consciousness onto a computer yet! Kepler: Really... what's the advantage to that? Nix: I like to duplicate the file, then play myself in chess. October 22, 2010: Kepler: I'm surprised UFOs prefer traveling to Earth over, say, Saturn. Nix: Saturn?! Talk about a tourist trap! Kepler: But the rings... Nix: Oh, everybody loves the rings! But do they care that the tourists have ruined the authentic flavor of Saturn? No! Kepler: I'm sorry I said anything. Nix: You want an authentic experience? Neptune! Now that's real!