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Monday, December 9, 2002
First on every man's list...

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Friday, December 13, 2002
Deck the halls with merchandising...

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December 9, 2002: Skip: What's up, dude? Will: I was asked to make a list of what I want for Christmas, and I'm stumped. Skip: You don't knwo what you want? Will: No, I know... it's just a bit impractical. Skip: Ferrari? Will: I mean, where am I going to drive that here? December 11, 2002: Will: I'm trying to make a Christmas list, but I can't think of waht I want. Al: So you're sufring the web? Will: I was hoping it might give me some ideas. Al: Sounds iffy. What have you found? Will: All of the "Hapmster Dance" stuff I could ever want. Al: If "all you could ever want" of that is more than "none," I'm pushing you out of an airlock. December 13, 2002: Will: Here's my Shristmas list. Dana: Okay. I--Wil. There's nothing on here! Will: I know. See, anything I really want in the "friend" price range I've already bought, so my list would only have stuff I only half want, and who wants that as a present? I'd rather get cheap things that had some thought behind them. I'm thinking that maybe Christmas has gotten too commercial. Dana: What kind of attitude is that? We've got a recession to beat, mister!