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Monday, February 5, 2007
When can I buy tickets?...

Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Zune phone incompatible with non-Zune phones...

Friday, February 9, 2007
Or is it 'mediocre' television...

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February 5, 2007: Al: I can't believe the Bears lost the Super Bowl. Will: You should never bet against the spread. Pay up. Mitch: David Lee Roth is back in Van Halen and they're touring this summer! Al: Double or nothing Eddie kicks him out by April. Will: Pay up. February 7, 2007: Al: Check it out! I got a hold of the top secret "Zune Phone" prototype! I just dial here and-- Zune Phone: It looks like you're trying to play a movie! Al: No, I'm trying to make a phone-- Zune Phone: Would you like to down load Zune Media Player? Al: That's already on here! I just want to make a phone call-- Zune Phone: You have played an illegal movie and your phone will now shut down. Al: Grrrr... Will: Looks like it needs more work. February 9, 2007: Kepler: What are you watching? Al: The Grammys. I'm waiting for The Police to come on. Kepler: Is 50 Cent getting arrrested again? Al: No... The Police were a group that used to be on MTV a lot. Kepler: MTV? What do they do? Crazy stunts or something? Al: No... MTV when it was "Music" television, not "Moron" television.