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Monday, March 30, 2009
That would be the 427 big-block...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Oh, like you've never retold a joke before...

Friday, April 3, 2009
Like Mario is any less believable...


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March 30, 2009: Mitch: Did you participate in "Earth Hour" over the weekend? Kepler: Yep! I turned off this desk lamp for a whole hour! And then, to see how the rest of the world was doing, I spent hours watching "Earth Hour" news reports on my 42-inch plasma HDTV while looking for "Earth Hour" pictures posted onto Facebook. Mitch: I'm not sure-- Kepler: Here's my favorite: this guy posed with his '72 Monte Carlo SS in front of 30 different blacked-out buildings! April 1, 2009: Friends, Although drawing Rockwood has been immensely enjoyable for all of these years, my increasingly-limited free time is forcing me to give it up. As a replacement, this space will now be filled with everybody's favorite cartoon dog, Marmaduke. Phil from Marmaduke: Marm bit that sick raccoon and now he's foaming at the mouth! Girl from Marmaduke: Where's Mom?! Mom from Marmaduke: AAAAA!! Will: April fools! Al: That was fake? Oops. April 3, 2009: Kepler: Someone pirated an early version of "Wolverine" and stuck it on the web. Will: The whole thing? Kepler: Well, they say some of the effects aren't done yet... (Mario brothers) Will: I sure hope not. Kepler: That helicopter scene looked a lot more impressive in the trailer.