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Monday, March 16, 2009
There are probably worse methods...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
You know, the Daschle loopholes...

Friday, March 20, 2009
Maybe he could ask Obama, since the president is the expert on Coach K's chances...


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March 16, 2009: Al: Alphabetically... by mascot... by color... by city... I'm trying to find a surefire way to pick my bracket this year. Will: How about by doing research and finding out which teams are actually good? Al: That sounds too much like work. Hmmm... how about "best cheerleader website"? March 18, 2009: Mitch: You picked all of the 16 seeds to advance? What could be dumber than that? Skip: How about congress and the president giving hundreds of billions of dollars to a business that had already proven itself to be irrespnsible, then acting surprised when that business was irresponsible again? Mitch: Yeah... that'd qualify. Skip: Good thing my accountant knows the loopholes that get me out of paying taxes. But too bad for you, Dude. March 20, 2009: Kepler: Okay. I have my bracket finished. Al: Now? You're too late. The tournament already started. Kepler: Statistically, could that really matter that much? Al: Statistica-- * What does the K in Coach K stand for? Kepler: Uh... Kelvin? Al: Your statistics are fine. Gimme five bucks and you're in the pool.