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Monday, August 12, 2002
He parties with Jim Morrison...

Wednesday, August 14, 2002
It's a joke!  In reality, they're macho, macho men...

Friday, August 16, 2002
It scores higher if it has a bare mid-riff...

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August 12: Kepler: Britney Spears wants to get away from it all! What could be more 'away from it all' than a space station? We should invite hr up here! Al: Great idea. I'll give her a call. Kepler: You know how to reach Britney?! Al: Surre! She's right here in my 'Big Book of Unlisted Celebrity Phone Numbers!' Kepler: I hate you. Al: Sure you don't wanna call Elvis? He's got a big anniversary coming up and he's not really dead! August 14, 2002: Kepler: Will, how do we sell Britney on coming to space? Will: Well, we could have her meet her ex-boyfriend when he flies up here with the Russians. Kepler: You're thinking of Lance Bass. She was dating Justin Timberlake. Will: Oh. Which band is he in? Kepler: *NSYNC! They're both in *NSYNC! Will: They date women? I thought they were gay! Kepler: Okay, we're getting off the subject here, Will. Britney! Focus! August 16, 2002: Dana: Kepler! Britney is here! Britney is here! Kepler: What? Really?! Dana: Yes! She hpped on the space shuttle this morning and -gasp- there she is! (Kepler faints) Skip: Heh. My charisma:one, spectators, zero, babe! Dana: Right. And what does a giant ego mistaken for a pop star score?