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Monday, August 20, 2001

Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Meesa thinks da force is strong in youse...

Friday, August 24, 2001
If you don't want to talk, don't schedule a nationwide TV interview...

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August 20, 2001: Mitch: Why doesn't August have any holidays? Al: Because nothing ever happens in August. Mitch: That can't be true. Al: Okay, name one thing you've done this month. Mitch: Umm... Al: I'll ask again in September. August 22, 2001: Mitch: "Attack of the Clones?" Is he serious? Al: Oh, quit your whining. It's not so bad. Sure it's a B-movie title, but so is "The Empire Strikes Back." Just deal with it. Besides, it could have been worse. Mitch: How? Al: "Episode II: Land of a million Jar-Jars!" August 24, 2001: Mitch: I think the news shows are having problems with Gary Condit's T.V. interview last night. TV: Next up, Gary Condit. Can you believe his lies? Al: He's in trouble. Gary Condit on TV: Well, Connie Chung, I can't answer that Chandra Levy question out of respect for saving my own skin!