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Monday, April 1, 2002
What a fool believes...

Wednesday, April 3, 2002
How about some Cheetos?

Friday, April 5, 2002
The 'Palm Leveler' or the 'Handspring Wedge'...

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April 1, 2002: Me: Friends, although drawing Rockwood has been immensely enjoyable for all of these years, my increasingly limited free time is forcing me to give it up. As a replacement, this space will now be filled with the heartwarming comic, 'Love Is...' show at right. Love is... ...holding her hair while she's vomiting. Will: April Fools! Al: Oh thank God! April 3, 2002: Dana: I don't get it. One-thrid of America is obese, mainly because they watch TV instead of exercising... ... yet you two, who do nothing but watch TV, are still thin. How? Al: We're too lazy to get up and eat. Mitch: Could you bring us a pizza? Dana: No. April 5, 2002: Skip: Dude, I can't decide between these two PDAs! Will: Skip, you're the richest man in the world. Why not just buy them both? Skip: I already did. I'm trying to deide which one to use to balance this wobbly table! Will: Of course. How silly of me.